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“Ocean Fitness” in the Maldives: Aquatic Program!

Pearl diving, floating in the water, splashing in the lagoons of a desert island and at the same time... doing sports? Yes, that is possible! We invite you to a new fitness tour to the Maldives with a stunning “aquatic program”, where the main exercise room is the ocean itself. Check in: from 9 to 19 August 2018.

The full cost of participation in the program: from 682€/person, including transfers, meals, two training sessions daily, an individual plan of exercises, relaxation on a desert island, snorkeling on the coral reef, catching exotic fish, playing sports, dancing on the beach, and of course the blue lagoons, white beaches and the gentle Maldivian sun. Flight tickets should be purchased separately and depend on the departure city. The approximate cost of the tickets: from Tallinn 562€, from Vilnus 641€, from Stockholm 692€, from Frankfurt 850€, from Helsinki 545€.

Program Description

The program participants will be living by the ocean for whole 11 days on the remote island of Fulhadhoo, swimming in the sparkling turquoise water, drinking coconut milk, lying in the sun on the dazzling white beaches and doing the most unusual “oceanic fitness” under the guidance of experienced professionals. The ocean fitness program is the fruit of hard work on a set of exercises that might be used in the dream island environment and at the same time, have proven effective in burning body fat, increasing muscle tone, relieving muscle and nervous tension. You will be diving for pearl shells without fins, and that will allow you to engage all groups of muscles and train endurance; you will be doing the plank exercise at shallow depth, trying to keep your body and legs in horizontal position even when the light waves beneath you will be rolling back into the sea. You will have obstacle race along the coastal line, will be balancing on the SUP board, dragging objects under water and doing many other exciting exercises. Just 10 days of training will allow you to achieve results comparable to a couple of months of individual exercises in the gym. And the unique combination of our exercises, sun, ocean water, healthy food and pleasant atmosphere will provide the most beneficial effect on your nervous system.
The program is designed in a way that, in addition to the full body workout, participants could have proper rest (by the way, the beach where our group will be exercising, has been officially recognized as the most beautiful beach in the Maldives!), tan and just fully enjoy the time with the great team. We guarantee all our trip participants a great team spirit and friendly atmosphere. The trip is organised in collaboration with the Riga sports club AR Sporta Studija, and it will be accompanied by our super-coaches who will not sleep or eat until they see measurable results in each and every trainee.

On the sports part of the program

The program is a subtle mix of functional training, including circular, cardio and strength exercises. Morning training will be focused on relaxation and stretching to tone your muscles, water self-massage skills training, while evening training sessions will include more exercises for fat burning and muscle mass building.
During the program all muscle groups will be worked out, including the thighs, obliques, arms, abdominals, legs and buttocks. The work will consist of modules. You can at your own discretion attend only morning or only evening sessions, or both of them, or follow an individual program, developed by a coach specifically for you. The program is equally suitable for both women and men.

Why exercise in the water?

Water is not just a compound of oxygen and hydrogen and the progenitor of all living things, it is also a perfect sports tool! You have probably seen pearl fishers dive in the depths of the ocean. They do it in such a lightsome and elegant way that it makes you want to try it, too. But those who have tried to repeat it, know that such a dive requires actually a very good physical fitness. This is because of the natural drag force of the sea water. But at the same time, water does not put pressure on other muscles and joints, except for those involved at the moment. While the water sets pressure on one muscle group, the rest of the muscles relax. In water, there is no "gym effect" which is manifested when, for example, you perform abdominal exercises in a supine position, and it causes harmful load on the cervical vertebrae and the neck muscles, or your lower back suffers as you lift the barbell. In contrast, water exercises relax your muscles and improve blood circulation along the spinal column. Therefore, the set of aquatic exercises developed specially for this program is suitable for any age and any body type, with no exceptions.

Benefits of aquatic exercises:

  • Natural water drag force allows you to involve even those muscle groups which are not easy to use during your routine workout. They are not traumatic: the continuous load on the muscles does not create any load on the ligaments and joints.
  • Additional tonic effect obtained from resisting water drag force. Massage and lymphatic drainage effect.
  • This kind of exercises do not make you feel exhausted, as the ongoing water massage reduces the level of lactic acid in your muscles.
  • When training in water, you spend more calories with less effort, since the body expends more energy to maintain the body position in water and body temperature, as well as to resist the drag force of water.
  • Water has a tonic effect upon your nervous system. The natural environment will help you relax, sort out your psycho-emotional state, and listen to your body.
  • Aquatic exercises are indicated for particularly overweight people, as water makes you expend more energy in order to hold your body in the right position, and significantly reduces the risk of injury, which overweight people are exposed to when exercising in the gym.
  • During exercise, water improves body metabolism and stimulates your skin, which helps to fight cellulite.
  • What about physical fitness?
  • The level of your athletic performance does not matter. Professional coaches will offer you exercises and an individual training plan based on your personal characteristics and physical fitness.


Mikhail Anisimkov

Track and field athlete. The reigning champion of Europe in pankration and MMA. Repeat winner at several international sambo and grappling competitions. Top class fitness instructor, MMA and boxing sports coach. Mikhail is a man of perseverance. He started a serious career approximately at the age of 30, quickly outranked many other athletes who had been training professionally since childhood, and became one of the most prominent fighters in Latvia. As a coach, Mike sees the potential of every trainee and tries to select the right exercises and the right intensity thereof in order to achieve outstanding and yet safe results. Despite his steel-like muscles and severe look, he has a kind heart and is known for being very empathetic with every pupil.

Dana Anisimkova

Distance runner, extra class fitness coach, sports nutrition specialist. From the very first minutes of the session, the incredible energy, warmth and charisma of this fragile, but very strong lady shatters the barriers of laziness, procrastination and couch-potato habits. Dana’s training will help you rescue your inner pure and bright motivation, energy and thirst for movement. Dana is a serious athlete, a skillful nutritionist and a woman of steel. She is the kind of person who will be working flat out with every trainee in order to achieve 120% results. And, of course, Dana is a real powerhouse and source of good mood in any team.
Dana and Mike are the two people with whom you will experience a rush of pleasure while working on your body. You will feel how tense your muscles are getting as you keep going, while your mind will be telling you that there is no energy left...

The cost of participation in the program

Check-in from 9 to 19 August (departure August 8):

● Accommodation in standard class guest houses Fulhadhoo Inn or Azoush — 682€ per person, triple occupancy rooms; 733€ per person based on double occupancy;
● Accommodation in Deluxe class guest house Villa Marina (1 1/2 storey rooms) — 724€ per person, triple occupancy rooms; 783€ per person based on double occupancy;

The price includes:

  • All taxes and fees;
  • Transfer from the airport to the island and vice versa;
  • Accommodation in comfortable guest houses Villa Marina, Fulhadhoo Inn and Azoush in Fulhadhoo Island (pictures of the island);
  • Breakfast and dinner (special menu);
  • Daily sports program (two training sessions a day);
  • A whole day trip to an uninhabited island for swimming and recreation;
  • Equatorial fishing and grilling the catch;
  • Snorkeling on a coral reef with a guide, in the habitat of sea turtles;
  • Dance party on the beach;
  • Relay races, playing sports, fun competitions;\
  • Gala dinner on the beach.

The price does not include:

  • Flight (however, we can help you choose the cheapest air tickets with no additional charge);
  • Insurance.

Indications to participate in the program

  • Wish to tone your muscles;
  • Desire to gain muscles or reduce fat in specific areas of your body;
  • Cellulite;
  • Fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension;
  • Back and neck stiffness;
  • Pain in the knees, elbows and other joints and ligaments.


  • Any serious chronic disease;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Sun or salt allergy.

Additional information

  • Prepayment is not required;
  • All payments to be done in USD in the holel before the checkout date;
  • You should bring a good mask for snorkeling, convenient (light!) sportswear and a sports mat for exercising on the beach;
  • No special vaccinations prior to the trip to the Maldives are required;
  • No visa is required;
  • There are no ATMs on the islands (apart from the ones at the airport), so you should bring some USD cash with you;
  • For additional expenses, you would need only a small amount of pocket money (about 200 USD for the whole trip) for lunch, souvenirs and additional entertainment (if desired);
  • Alcohol is not sold on the local islands (prohibition);
  • It wouldn’t be a bad idea to bring with you a SPF 50+ sunscreen and a repellent for mosquitoes.

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