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Dhangethi is an island of the Alif Dhaal (aka Southern Ari) Atoll some 90 kilometers from Male. It is about 350 meters wide and 925 meters long. It’s the atoll capital and home to some 1,000 inhabitants.

This beautiful, green island is on both sides embraced by snow-white beaches and blue waters of the Indian ocean. It’s famed not only for its wild, untouched nature and exotic tropical growths but also diverse underwater fauna and, in the human realm, for its ancient fishing and shipbuilding traditions. Today the view on the island is marked by temporary and permanent shipyards where boats large and small are being built. Visitors will be delighted by the traditional, local-made crafts — dishes and souvenirs from coconuts, photo albums from leaves and coconut timber along with wooden vases and of course coral and shell souvenirs made from local catches and finds.

Despite all this, the main attraction for tourists from all across the world is posed by the unique nature of the island. The island offers awesome (in the former sense of the word) sandy beaches, coral reefs with fish and flora in flying colors, and much more. The islanders know this so they offer guests many chances to get to know the depths of the water. Go fishing on a traditional dhoni boat; engage in watersports - like diving and snorkeling; meet famed underwater creatures like sea turtles, dolphins, whale sharks and many others.

All of this is offered with convenient and inexpensive transport, making Dhangethi an all-round great choice for a Maldivian getaway.

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