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3 Islands in Alif Alif Atoll

If you want to visit several islands during your trip, Alif Alif atoll might be a convenient choise. We invite you to visit three popular islands, Rasdhoo Ukulhas and Bodufolhudhoo. During the trip, you can see different Maldives, enjoy a rich underwater world, white sand beaches, try a Maldivian fishing and feel the local life.

Depending on the duration of your vacation, you can choose to visit 2 or 3 islands. We recommend spending at least 3 nights at each of them.


The trip starts from Rasdhoo Island. Rasdhoo is famous because of its reach underwater world and the beautiful sand bank nearby, which you will visit during the trip.

Rasdhoo Island

Although Rasdhoo is the atoll capital, the island is not large.There are several dive centers offering either a discover dive or a professional trip for experienced divers. While snorkeling at the house reef, you can see turtles, rays and sharks.

Морская черепаха


The next island is Ukulhas. It is surrounded by a beutiful, long white sand bikini beach.

Ukulhas Island

In Ukulhas, you will have an amazing beach holiday and also go to a Maldivian fishing trip.

Ukulhas beach

At Ukulhas house reef you can see turtles and stingrays, many fishes of various size and color and if you are lucky — meet a nurse shark.

Сноркелинг на Мальдивах


The last island is Bodufolhudhoo. At Bodufolhudhoo, you can enjoy a comfortable accommodation in a beach front hotel with a private beach.

Остров Бодуфолуду

From Bodufolhudhoo you will take a manta snorkeling trip. These amazing creature are also known as "devilfish" because of its size — up to 5 meters. However, manta rays are not dangerous.

Сноркелинг с мантами на Мальдивах

Approximate price of the trip is 1780 USD for two adults (for stays up to the end of March). Contact us by using the offer form below to get the final rate, confirm the dates and the trip details.

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