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Ferry schedule

Please note that the schedule is for informational purposes only. We do not provide advice, consultations, or book ferry tickets, except for customers who have booked a holiday package with us.

The Maldives is an island republic that includes more than a thousand isolated islands and sandbanks scattered across a territory of some 90,000 square kilometers. Up until a few years ago there was no regular transport between the islands. Locals had to traverse the islets on private speedboats, boats or wait for a freight ship or a fishing boat to take them to the capital or another island. During the last few years the state has managed to introduce a transport infrastructure development program. Regular ferries have appeared - the so-called atoll ferries - that travel between islands within the boundaries of a single atoll. While Male ferries - ferries to the capital - are going to remote locations as well. Private freight ferries despatching food to one or several islands are also going to the capital.

Very recently - in about 2014 - regular speedboats appeared, operated by private companies that are carrying out passenger transfers between the capital and one or several remote islands.

Using the schedule

Specify the island of departure and arrival and pick a date. If you want to learn how to go to an island that interests you in a specific time or as soon as possible after the specific time, check 'departure time'. If you are interested in arriving by a certain time, check 'arrival time'. If time is of no importance to you, check 'time doesn't matter' and we'll find the earliest transfer time.

The 'Transport time' label allows creating a route using specific types of transport. For example, you can exclude ferries or speedboats to find routes using your preferred means of transport.

You should know

The schedule is of an informative character as ferries and speedboats can break down, be cancelled or delayed. In case of wind ferries can be cancelled. Speedboat tickets should be bought prior to departure and the number of seats is limited. During holidays it can happen so that both speedboats and ferries are full, and any tickets should be bought at least a few days before departure.

Ticket offices start selling tickets about a week prior to departure and they cannot be bought earlier. The schedule does not include private transfers that are available across the Maldives but are exceptionally expensive. You can also book transfers to nearby islands if none are available on the island you want to get to or away from and afterwards use a private speedboat or a motor boat.

We are always vigilant and try being up-to-date with the situation regarding transfers. The schedule will help you get the general idea but before settling on a specific route we suggest you contact us and confirm it with us.


The schedule may be changed significantly depending on weather or other unpredictable conditions. In a case of the route changes, Wild Maldives team offers our clients alternative transfer options.


2 Islands in Haa Alif Atoll

2 Islands in Haa Alif Atoll

If you want to make your Maldivian holiday more dynamic and active, combining several islands in one trip may be the option. We offer you a combined holiday package of Kelaa and Vashafaru islands.

Please contact us for additional information, package or group inquiry or discounts:

+371 2000 29 05 WildMaldives